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Related post: Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 12:18:51 +0800 From: "r(y)n" Subject: Reformation-33----------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS STORY IS WRITTEN UNDER THE NIFTY BOY BANDS AUTHORS UNION Author: r(y)n Email: yr_ry_hotmail.com Other Stories in this directory: * Crossed Paths * Help Me * What I See -----------------------------------------------------------------------* Disclaimer *If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, bunny teen xxx please do not read on. If you couldn't accept themes of homosexuality and the like, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is free teen porn stars considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if young teens xxx you really like this stuff, please don't tell others. This disclaimer is for your protection and mine as well.Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or in simpler terms, it's not true!!! Even if this story involves the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC teen porn porn and other famous celebrities all that happen in here is fictional... again, it's not true. If there are instances that it scenes are hot greek teen porn similar to what happened in the real world, it doesn't mean that it's what really happened. The events are mere fabrication of my overimaginative mind. I don't know anything about their sexuality, as far as I and the world know, they're straight as an arrow so I dunno if they are gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys and slash fiction. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC or other cited celebrity in the story personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! But don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...eMAIL --> yr_ry_hotmail.com------------ Chapter 33 ------------"Sweetie, wake up teen tatin porn now." I heard Brian's voice. I slowly opened wild teen porn my eyes a little bit confused. I looked at Brian who was staring and smiling at me. Everything clicked in me. I was in the NSYNC tour. I just talked with the executives for this tour and it was boring. I fell asleep afterwards."I slept long?" I asked as I stretched my cramped body. I didn't lift my head from free teen porn thumbs Brian's teen boob porn lap. It was very comfortable; not teen porn under 18 too hard but not too soft."Just an hour and so." Brian replied. I averted my gaze to the other guys in the room. They were still engrossed with whatever they were talking about. JC and Nick have already joined them and they looked better compared to earlier -- the wonders of sleep and a little loving. "If you want, you can sleep in our room. You just look so gay teens kissing uncomfortable here." Brian said with care in his voice."Nah. I'm not sleepy anymore." I answered and stood up."You finally joined the world of the living." Nick exclaimed with a grin. I smiled at him still not yet fully awake. I didn't really want to sleep but waking up very early would have that effect on a person."I woke up early. What's your excuse?" I asked back."Sex." Nick replied nonchalantly but that earned a smack from Justin and JC. "What? It's the truth!" Nick said defensively. It was a little bit funny to see and the others were africanamerican teen porn amused as well. JC, Justin and Nick do really look good together in a weird way. I could say weird because the norms would have been a couple (but the norms also dictate that it should be from the opposite sex). Ménage a trois are taboo. From an outsider, the relationship of those three would have been taken as a casual thing without hot teen asin porn love. Usually, threesomes are like that; fuck buddies. But in this case, it was different. Nick, JC and Justin really love each other. I might ask them on that soon."Enough with sex, what are your plans for the day?" Joey inquired."Sleep." JC, Justin and Nick answered simultaneously. We only had knowing looks because we knew that sleep was teen porn hardcore sex the last thing in their minds."Our sexy naked teen porn room." Brian answered as he looked at me. I just nodded thinking the same thing."I'll try the teen tits pussy pool." Alex said."I'll join you." Joey added."And me too!" Chris said."I'm gonna have a few talks with some people." Lance said mysteriously. I wanted to pry but I just bit my tongue at that moment trying to fight urge to be my nosy self. Maybe next time."Okay. We're gonna head to my room now." Brian said. I picked up my laptop and followed Brian's lead who was already by the door."I'll see you later." I told the others with a wave and teen girls nude a big smile. They bid their goodbyes and Brian and I stepped out of the free teen xxx clips room. "That was fun." I said."But I'm thinking of funnier stuff in our room." He said with a gleam of mischief in his eyes. Uh-oh. I knew that look. I just raised my eyebrow and grinned at him. The two of us walked to his (our) room. I placed my laptop on the couch and Brian engulfed me in a tight embrace as his lips met mine."I guess you're horny." I said out of breath when we broke our kiss."You betcha!" Brian answered. "Come on! Let's go to the bed." Brian held my hand as he dragged me to the bed. Maybe it's the time of the month or just something. When I looked in his eyes, I could see the lust in it. And we just had sex when we left for New York. Brian was just so insatiable but I wasn't complaining. I liked Brian in this mood.Brian pushed me to the bed as he removed the shirt that he was wearing. He lunged at me and wrapped me into a teen lesbion porn tight embrace as he kissed me passionately. His tongue was as aggressive as what his totality was showing at that moment. I tried to keep up with him but he was just too much at that moment. He broke the kiss and just sat on my chest looking at me with a glint of mischief. I on the other hand stared at the new person in front of me. In my heart, it was Brian but my mind was asking where did young teen having sex teen taitans porn the sweet innocent Brian go? The person in front of me was aggressive azn porn teen and passion-driven. But I whit teen porn loved this side of Brian.My train of thought was disrupted when Brian was trying to pull out the shirt that I was wearing. I dropped on the bed when it was removed and grinned at him. "You're overdressed." Brian told me. Again, he dove to kiss me with renewed vigor and porn extreme teen mpeg international teen porn passion. His hands were trying to unbuckle the belt that I wore and when he succeeded in that, he went for the button of my pants. I reciprocated by pulling down the shorts that he was wearing. His boxers came off with it. More articles of clothing were removed until the two of us were naked. Flesh to flesh. "I love you." Brian murmured as he indian teen porn galleries sucked on my neck -- that's gonna leave a mark."I want you in me Bri." I managed to say. The pleasure that was coursing through my body was too much for my body to endure. Brian quitted sucking and looked at me tokoyo teen porn videos with his usual innocence. Yeah, he could still get me with that even if almost everyone already knew that it's just a free teen anal videos facade and that a teen nude movie galleries playful teen porn actresses naughty guy was hidden beneath. He crept away from me and I knew what he was about to do. The lube was just on the counter beside the bed. I should know. I placed it there.When he returned, he was holding the lube already. "Just look at me." Brian stated. And that's what I did. I just stared at the blue eyes that he possessed and got lost in it. His eyes reminded me why I love this man. He was the caring man that was so selfless that masturbation teen porn he would think of others first before himself. He was the imperfect man who committed some mistakes but one would see his determination to do the right teen porn school thing. He nude amature teens was the passionate man who has this air of talent surrounding him but he wouldn't brag about it. A caring, passionate and imperfect man. And I'm totally in love with him.I felt the tip of his cock enter my hole as he carefully pushed. Slowly, I welcomed him inside once more. As far as I was concerned, it was his home and it was the place where he should always be -- if that would be possible that is. Finally, I felt his pubic hair touch the buns of my butt. He was fully in me and I could feel every throb that his penis made in me. "Make love to me, Bri." I said as I wrapped my arms around me letting photos amateur teen porn our lips touch sensually. That's when I got lost. It was like I escaped the bounds of my body due to the ecstasy and passion that I was nude teen portals feeling at the moment. innocent teen porn gallery It was a surreal moment for me. It was my moment of peace."I'm close." Brian said that brought me back to reality. All my physical senses worked once again. I could hear the creaking of the bed as Brian slowly thrust into me. I could touch the moist skin of Brian due to perspiration. amateur porn,teen,tits I could taste the bacon that he ate earlier on. I could smell Brian's distinct musky smell that always makes me ecstatic. gay teen homemade porn And I could see Brian staring at me lovingly but with a tinge of lust as he sped his thrusting. He lesbian teen girl porn was indeed close... and so was I. I could feel the build up in my groin download teen porn free area. I would blow off in a few seconds."I'm cumming." I gasped as I climaxed. I knew that volleys of cum came out of my penis as it landed on my chest and stomach smearing Brian as well. Brian's body tensed signaling his climax as well. I always love seeing Brian cumming. His eyes were close and he would bite his lower lip. He would then hold his breath and a sense of bliss would wash over his face as his face would relax. Slowly, his eyes would open and he would look at me and smile at me lovingly. Finally, he would say, "I love you." That always makes my insides tingle.He laid his head on my chest as he tried to catch his breath. I, on the other hand basked in the afterglow. It was a feeling of release. "I wish we can just stay like this forever like we are the free teen porn gallary only two who exist in the world." Brian free young gay teen said dreamily."Me too." I replied. "A world with no worries and hate. A world of our own with just you and me in it." I tried to imagine our dream world and it was a nice dream if I would say so myself especially when the world would look and scrutinize at every move you make.Brian breathed in. "But we don't." Brian said as he pulled himself off me. He looked at me with a sad smile. "Wanna go out?" He asked."I love that idea." I told Brian as I sat up. "But I think we should shower first." I said looking at our chests with my cum on it. He just chuckled and walked to the bathroom. I followed.After our much needed shower where nothing exciting happened except some kissing and groping, we got out. I was teen cumshot pics thinking what I was gonna wear. "Where do you wanna go?" Brian inquired interrupting my train of thought."Anywhere with you is fine." I answered. I knew that it was cheesy but love could bring out the best and worst in you.Brian just flashed me his famous smile. "I'm still full from breakfast so eating is out of the question. And I ain't gonna shop with you today. It's our last day together before you go to work officially and I want to spend it with you sex porn teen free teen bikini porn nicely." Brian seemed to be talking to no one."Hey! I think that shopping is a nice idea of spending together." I teased."Yeah, right." He answered dryly. "Let's just walk around Central Park and then we'll teen porn bath pictures just think of something after that." He teen ******** having sex told me at which I agreed to. The two of us dressed up casually since we won't be going to anywhere fancy. After all, Brian was trying to be low-key. Once gay teen mexican porn we were ready, we walked out of our room and walked hot wet teen porn straight to the elevator. While in the amateur young teen porn elevator, I decided to send Alex an SMS message to tell them that we were gonna go out. I didn't want them to worry about us and knowing them; they could go to extremes sometimes.The elevator door opened and we walked out of hotel. We hailed a cab and stepped inside. At that moment, we knew that we were only a part of the population of New York. There was nothing special about us but just normal citizens. It was a wonderful feeling. Brian and I exchanged small talks as we waited inside the cab. Knowing New York, it's bound to teen & dogs porn have teens with big boobs heavy traffic.Our trip didn't take a long time because we soon halted to a stop and when I looked outside the window, we were already in Central Park. Brian paid for teen lesbiens porn the fare even when I protested about that. "Hey! It's my teen tube lesbian idea that we go here." Brian shot back."Fine but I'll pay for the fare when we go back." I said with a pout. Brian just smiled at me. We started to follow the trail in the park as we maintained a comfortable distance to each other. We didn't want to get close too much because teen girl sex porn photographers could be lurking anywhere and even if no one knew that Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys was in New York, I didn't want to take any chances. "It's a nice day." I said as I looked around. It was nature surrounding us. The trees offered very tiny teen porn us shade from the sun and it also gave us a nice breeze."Yeah." Brian answered. teens titts and ass There were only a few other people and most of black teen porn galliries them were old people probably burning time. "How are you coping?" Brian inquired."What do you mean?" I asked back."We haven't talked about you Mart. We just made up then flew away to DC and then teen giving blowjob flew again to New York. I wanna know if you're okay." Brian asked."I'm fine Bri. It just feels a little weird sometimes seeing all the people around me. I've been reclusive for 6 years and free teen porn butts now, I'm surrounded by a lot of people who wants to be my friend. It just feels overwhelming sometimes." I answered. "I like these moments. Only the two of us when there gay teens fucking stories are no pressures from the world." Again I looked around admiring the surrounding."Want to just elope and disappear?" Brian asked. I laughed at him but he didn't. "I'm not kidding Martin. I would give up all of these just to be with you. I'm 26 (?) years old already and I feel so old. I have seen so many things already and I'm ready to settle down away from any scrutinizing eyes that would judge me. I have enough money to support us." Brian told me that made me think.Disappear from the world? If Brian offered me this a few years back, I knew that I wouldn't think through about this and I would immediately say 'yes'. A life unknown to this world was my dream then. I didn't want any attention and I teen toilet porn just wanted to be left alone. If only I could survive without doing extremely young teen porn anything and just live in a secluded place. But I couldn't. I have to open myself a little bit. But now? I wasn't so sure. Alex was with me now. I couldn't just leave him and I have lo teen porn top friends now."How about the others?" I asked."Martin, they will understand." Brian answered."How about Alex?" I asked once again. "I can't just leave my brother. I'm the only person he can cling on at the moment. I can't just abandon him especially now that he's too stubborn to go to college. I have to parent him now." I told Brian."I understand but the offer will forever be there. If you wanna disappear, just tell me and we'll go." Brian said."Okay." I smiled at him. We found an empty bench and decided to sit for a while since we were teen latino porn walking for a long time already. "Bri, what do you really think about Nick's relationship?" I asked."Actually, I try not to look at the fact that the three of them are in a relationship. I just look at the smiles plastered on their face and the love in their eyes. Maybe it's taboo but who teen lolli porn are we to judge? As long as they are in a happy and loving 3g teen porn relationship, it's okay with me." Brian replied. "What prompted this? Thinking of a threesome?" Brian teased."Bri!" I eyed him. "I just wanna ask if you are really comfortable with their relationship. I mean society dictates that a ménage a trois is immoral.""They also say that teen porn 16 homosexuality hardcore teen ass porn is immoral." Brian pointed out. "All I'm saying is that anything that has love must be something good. I myself don't care about what others think of being free teen porn thumb gay. It's their opinion and my opinion is just different with theirs.""I guess." I said with caution."Why? You don't accept their relationship?" Brian inquired."I accept it with my fat teen porn clips whole heart but I fear for them. I fear for them that others won't understand what they fat teen pussy porn have. Whatever we say that we don't care about what others think, one way or another it affects how we decide. There is just so much hate out there that I am scared for JC, Justin and Nick." I said truthfully."I see your point ginger teen porn but time can only tell, Kyle. Don't lose hope." Brian said. I looked at my watch and it read 12:30pm."Want to eat lunch?" I asked."Yeah. I'm a little bit hungry." Brian replied. shy teen porn "Where do you wanna eat?""Somewhere not too fancy." I answered. Brian and I lesbian teen tube stood up and walked away from the bench still talking about where we should eat. It was a start of teen nude free video a new tour for me and that meant that I have to work hard once again. I could only hope that Brian would understand and not cause any problem between us.We were about to hail a cab when Brian pointed at a cafe a few meters away. It looked promising so I relented. "If the food is horrible here, it's your fault." I told him once we crossed the road."Yeah yeah." Brian said nonchalantly. We entered the cafe and there were only a few customers."Welcome to Danny's." A blonde lady welcomed us."A table for two." I said to the lady. She led us to a nice discreet table. I looked around the place trying to find any flaws in pussy fucking teens it. As far as I was concern, there was none. The place had a very good ambiance and it has a Mediterranean theme in it. Only the food was the deciding factor. The lady who introduced herself as Patricia handed us the menu and left us to choose."Looks promising." Brian noted. I didn't comment. "What are you gonna eat?" He asked me."I free teen pics xxx dunno yet." I said as I skimmed once again for the third time. "I'll just get the chicken alfredo." I told Brian."Did you pick already?" Patricia gregariously said. I sex teen free didn't even notice that she was already there standing."Yeah. He'll get the chicken Alfredo and I'll try the spaghetti with meatballs." Brian porn queen teen told the girl with a teen porn star movies anal teen sex smile. The girl nodded as she wrote our orders in her little notepad. I have always admired the work of waiters and maitre d. It seemed so interesting to me seeing/serving countless of people everyday."How about drinks?" She inquired."Iced tea." I told her."Diet coke." Brian said. She excused herself and left us in peace. "She's very nice.""Yeah." I answered.After a few minutes, Patricia served us our meals. I have to say that it was exquisite. Mental note, eat again here in the future. Brian and I had a great teen whores porn sluts time as we helped ourselves with the amazing lunch. We exchanged jokes and anecdotes that made me feel light and cheery. I immature teen porn hoped Brian felt the same way but if the big smile was an indication, he was having a blast as well. Time flew by and we have finished our meal and our desserts which we ordered after we blowjob teen porn finished our meal. We knew that our time in Danny's had to end and we called Patricia for the bill."I had a great time." I told Brian."Me too. We should do this again. Just the two of us." Brian said. I just nodded happily. Patricia handed the bill to me and even if Brian protested, I paid the meal and gave Patricia a very generous tip. Brian was pouting. "I wanted to pay." He told me.I just teen indian porn tgp chuckled thinking how much he acted like a toddler. Well, he's my toddler. "Let's go. You can pay the cab." I told him. Brian just grinned sheepishly. We thanked Patricia for the great service and promised her that we would return here soon.We hailed a cab and instructed the driver to bring us back to our hotel. Again, I sent Alex an big ass teens SMS message telling him that we were on the way back to the hotel. Alex just replied, okay. I looked at my watch and it read 2:30pm. It was a little bit early but I knew that Brian wouldn't appreciate it if I ask him to go gay teen boy sex to the mall. Maybe Justin or Nick blogspot lesbian teen porn next time.By 3:15pm, we reached the hotel. There were no fans hanging around the lobby young teens fucked and one of the NSYNC bodyguards was seating in one of the couches. He looked at us and nodded. I waved at him. The elevator doors opened and we entered it. "You tired?" I asked him."Nah! I enjoyed my day." Brian replied."Nice to hear coz I enjoyed my day as well." I held his teen+asian+porn+stockings hand and let it caress my cheeks. "I'll be busy tomorrow." I told him."And amiture teen porn moveis I'm gonna be with you all the way." Brian said and gave me a light kiss. No one was inside the elevator. We reached our floor and walked out hand in hand. The next day was really going to be teen porn free jeans a busy one. I have to arrange new stuff and I have to work with a new band. I just teen porn boy hope that Brian would be patient enough with me. "I love you." Brian said."I love you too." Yeah, love. That's the only thing that I could cling on. Brian's love.----------------------- End of ChapterBefore anything else, I wanna thank everyone who voted for me in the BBSA Awards. I was so shocked for bagging the Best Threesome. It's chapter 33 and it's really a light one. Well, it's the last day before Kyle heads to work so I thought that he needed a break before the "storm." So, watch for the next one. I wanna apologize for the delay but school has teen bra porn galleries been a bitch.Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.Thanks to ALL of you who have taken the time and EMAILED me! I truly appreciate it very much. It's really nice to know if there are people who are actually reading what I write.PLEASE!!!! Send me feedbacks... I'm a feedback addict! I so love those feedbacks. Short, long, good or bad, or just whatever... drop me a line okay? I also have most of the IM programs out there and I'm usually on, hopefully you can catch me.AIM : legal teens nude pseud0ry Yahoo! : yr_ry MSN : yr_ry_hotmail.comAlso, I'm usually in the boyband chatroom.NEW Addie is: yr_ry_hotmail.comEMAIL me.A big big "HI" to all my new friends in the Nifty Boyband chatroom, Nifty Writers european gay teen porn room, and Crazy!!! There are too many names to mention but I guess Dru, Duckie and CJ are my frequent chatmates! So a big "hello" gay teen forums to the three of you! I wanna give a big shout out to my Danish pals, Chris and Danny. They have always given nice bits of advice to me especially when I felt low. I hope you two won't ever break up! :-) And finally, David!!!! Thank you teen titan porn raven very much for maintaining the Nifty archives. Without him, we won't free teen videos porn be able to read any of the best slash stories.
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